Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14. Stop by the shop for last minute gifts! How a Journalist Became an Award-Winning Chocolatier

Posted by Deidre Pope on

Many of the talents that made Robyn a successful journalist have helped her thrive as a chocolatier. For example, she creates her award-winning chocolates with an equal dose of science and art. And her eye for detail ensures that each confection is as visually stunning as it is delicious.

If you’re wondering what it’s like operating a chocolate shop in a small Minnesota town, here’s a glimpse: Robyn wakes up around 9 a.m. to the sound of birds outside her window. Her commute to the shop is a short one, so she usually watches for deer instead of listening to music. Once Robyn arrives, it’s another day making truffles, filling orders, and helping local customers with her partner Deidre.

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