Meet Robyn and Deidre

A Dynamic Duo

A New Beginning

It all started when...

...Robyn bought a 1947 firetruck on eBay. Oh wait. That's a different story! In this story, Robyn and Deidre left the corporate and nonprofit worlds to create fine chocolates in a tiny Minnesota town along the St. Croix River. This is a story about endings that led to a wonderful beginning.

Chocolatier & Co-Owner

Robyn Dochterman

Chocolatier Robyn Dochterman left a career in journalism to study fine chocolate techniques from top pastry chefs (okay, she was laid off during the recession, but it was about time she made a career change anyway). Using a balance of science and art, she creates award-winning confections that speak to the senses. Her creations are visually stunning with sensuous, and deliciously dreamy flavors, and are well-reviewed and well-awarded.

Co-owner & Customer Care

Deidre Pope

Co-owner Deidre Pope left a career in the non-profit world to support Robyn on her culinary adventures. (Really, Robyn begged her to leave her desk job because she's an excellent administrator, and Robyn really needs all the organizational expertise she can get.) Deidre oversees operations and ensures a customer-centric experience is always a priority.