Awards and Accolades

Celebrating Together

The power of chocolate

Fine, Fresh, Beautiful and so much more

We are so grateful to be recognized by national and international organizations for our culinary creativity and our commitment to building bridges and stronger communities through chocolate.

2023: International Chocolate Awards (Americas)
  • Gold (and highest scorer in fillings class) for Macadamia bon bon
  • Silver for Burnt Cinnamon and Bourbon bar
2023 International Chocolate Salon ToffeeAwards
  • Silver Best Overall Toffee for Chili and Pistachio toffee
2023 StevieAwards (American Business Awards)
  • Gold Best Employee & Volunteerism event
  • Gold Best CSR event
2023 Sofi Awards (Specialty Food Association)
  • Best New Product in Chocolate Candy for Bourbon Pecan Toffee (and one of the top five scorers across all New Product categories!)
2021 Chocolate Alliance Awards 
  • Gold: Confections and caramels for Apple Walnut Caramel
  • Silver: Confections and caramels for Chili-Peppered Passion Fruit Caramel bon bon. 

2021 Sofi Awards (Specialty Food Association)
  • Best New Product in Dessert Sauces for Peppered Passionfruit Caramel. 

2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards
  • Silver: Caramel, Fruit, Milk Chocolate Spread for Orange cardamom caramel sauce. 
  • Silver: Fruit, Spice, Infusion ganache for Thai Peanut 
  • Bronze: Layered chocolates for Black Forest


2021 Stevie Awards (American Business Awards)
  • Gold: Best Festival
  • Gold: Best Small Budget Event
  • Gold: Best Interactive Outdoor Event (Dino Day)

2020 Scovie Awards: Fiery foods
  • First place: Beverages for Hot Hot Cocoa

2020 International Chocolate Salon Awards
  • Gold: Best chocolate bar for peanut butter and wild grape jelly bar
  • Gold: Best chocolate bar for Lemon S'presso bar
  • Gold: Best White Chocolate for Black and White bon bon box


2019 International Chocolate Salon Awards
  • Gold: Truffle Artistry, for Koi Inyodo, Japanese Yin and Yang duo)  
  • Silver: Fall flavors collection
  • Silver: Best Spicy Chocolate for Thai Taste
  • Gold: Valentine's chocolate
  • Gold: Best caramel for Emperor's Garden featuring yuzu caramel and jasmine tea

2017: International Chocolate Awards, Americas
  • Gold: Peanut Butter and Wild Grape Jelly
  • Silver: Coffee Malt
2015: Good Food Award
  • Peanut butter and wild grape jelly bar